003 Rev A Indicative Landscaping Plan-SFW.jpg

Shared outdoor space

The plan above shows the proposed layout of the three phases of Fruit market. Each phase is centred around a shared communal space as well as each house having a private garden space. Each residents group for each phase can influence the type and the extent of the landscaping in their shared spaces and around their properties. 

Shared facility -A better community

Facilities could include communal gardens, a terrace, BBQ areas, bike sheds, storage or even an apartment that could be booked out for your visitors. 

Successful collaborative developments have proven that when neighbours share facilities and are involved in the design of a project from the beginning, it creates a more satisfying result for all with a real sense of community. 

Example shared facilities

The facilities to be included and their location will be determined by the group with the architect. Other possibilities to consider:

  • Shared BBQ & Pizza Oven
  • Community Green Space
  • Group Electric Car
  • Flower Garden
  • Storage Spaces
  • Cycle Store
  • Childrens play area
  • Vegetable Patch