Homes at Fruit Market can be customised to fit your lifestyle and budget.
Here some examples of how it could work for you.

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AXO_02_OPT_ARTIST (1).jpg

Example 1: ‘The Artist’s House’

This house has two bedrooms on the second floor with an open plan ground floor. There is an open ‘studio room’ and double height space to give the interior an impressive  architectural feel. This might suit a young couple, older couples that are down-sizing, people who want a studio in their home or people who are looking for a house that’s impressive but not too large. 



Example 2: ‘Four Bedroom Family and Friends’

This house has a large internal space with four bedrooms and a ground floor extension. The additional space on the ground floor can accommodate a play room or study while still retaining an open plan feel. It’s an ideal family home with lots of internal space. The first floor terrace and doors onto the garden retain the architectural feel. 



Example 3: ‘Outdoor living’

This house is a conventional three bedrooms with an impressive double terrace. The ground floor has an extension, it is open plan and can accommodate a study or play room. This house works as a smaller family home but with multi-level outdoor spaces.